Size Chart

To help you in your choice😌
Here are the sizes in centimeters for each of our jewelry:


Ariel Waist size: 80-85 Waist size: 90-95
Belle Waist size: 80 Waist size: 95
Meta Waist size: 87 Waist measurement: 100
Poca Waist size: 87 Waist measurement: 100


Be careful not to confuse, the sizes indicated correspond to the sizes of the jewelry. 

To know which size to choose between S and M we advise you to take a meter and check which one suits you best, remembering that these two sizes are also adjustable. 😉


  • Can you swim with jewelry?

    Shynor jewelry is entirely made of stainless steel and therefore cannot rust. However, if the jewelry is very often exposed to sea water or chlorine, it still risks losing its shine.
    So you can shine even at the beach, without forgetting to take care of it! 🌊

  • How do you know which size to choose?

    First of all we have 2 different sizes, S and M, and of course each of these sizes has several adjustment notches so that your jewelry adapts best to your body.

    Photos of models wearing each size are available to help you in your choice.😌

    Then if you want your jewelry to perfectly follow your curves, it is possible to order custom jewelry. All you have to do is give us your measurements and we will do the rest.

    The custom option will cost only €5 more because it will obviously require more work.

  • How is jewelry designed?

    It all starts from a drawing made on a tablet. Once the sketch is validated, the chains, clasps, charms and all the small details necessary for manufacturing are ordered from our European supplier, to then be assembled.
    The jewelry is handcrafted by the founder of Shynor in a small workshop. ✨